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For unexpected guests this festive season put a Crunchy Président® Baked Camembert in the centre of the table as an ideal icebreaker.


Spontaneous entertaining is impromptu and informal. Less worrying over a perfect starter and impressive mains, more about


Fruity Nutty Président® Camembert

Monday, 2nd December 2013

How often are you surprised by friends visiting unexpectedly?

Thinking “oh gosh, what can I give them to eat?!” instead of appreciating their company?


Cam Grapes_2 (2)


Think restaurant….

When you pile in,


Roquefort is an extremely versatile cheese which makes it ideal to cook with.




The white part is slightly moist and crumbly, with distinctive veins of blue mould that offer a sharp tang.





Made with milk from Jersey and Guernsey cows, Lubborn Channel Island Brie has a rich buttery taste which makes it a more luxurious, creamy


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Camembert is a luscious, buttery cheese with a thin, edible aromatic rind.


Though made throughout the world, authentic Camembert is from


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