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An excellent addition to just about any entertaining occasion a cheeseboard is elegant and virtually effortless.

The perfect cheeseboard means balancing out a range of textures, tastes and aromas.






   sky mousse rasberry       Delightfully fluffy and completely moreish!


Pour a section of fresh, juicy compote onto Rachel’s signature thick and creamy Greek style natural yogurt and mix together to strike a perfect balance of sweetness.




 Savour the flavour


The Lubborn Creamery is nestled in the lush valley of Cricket St Thomas, Somerset.


Lubborn    Carpicorn_Somerset_Goats_Cheese_1e46232573f475b647e0c5916ed400ad


Lubborn pioneered the craft of making


Like any living natural product we have natural variation, much in the same way that natural food products such as apples or pears are slightly different from each other.





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