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Camembert is a luscious, buttery cheese with a thin, edible aromatic rind.


Though made throughout the world, authentic Camembert is from Normandy, an area od northwest France where cows graze on rich soil scattered with apple trees.

Camembert is much more robust and complex than Brie. This French cheese has a chalky white rind and when ripe, on oozing, creamy interior.


When Camembert is first unwrapped, it may give off a slight odour of ammonia.

This is normal for a cheese with a white exterior ripening mould. Just let it rest unwrapped for a little while and the ammonia scent will disappear.


Camembert pairs beautifully with French Champagne and red wines such as Bordeaux or Beaujolais. In Normandy, Camembert is enjoyed with Calvados, a locally made dry apple brandy.

Président® Camembert is made from pasteurised cow’s milk and is not suitable for vegetarians.


Watch Pascal Aussignac’s video on how to select a good Camembert. You can find it in our Latest TV Advertising page.


Enjoy…. Avec Plaisir!


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