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Roquefort is an extremely versatile cheese which makes it ideal to cook with.




The white part is slightly moist and crumbly, with distinctive veins of blue mould that offer a sharp tang. Roquefort is a complex, but well-balanced cheese.

On the palate, it starts out slightly mild and sweet before moving into a smoky, then salty finish.

It always has a creamy, moist and crumbly texture. Serve Président® Société ® Roquefort with Champagne or sweet wines such as Sauternes, Sherry or Port.


In 1925, Roquefort became the first cheese to be granted the title “Appellation d’Origine”  (designation of origin), which denotes strict codes of practice, a true mark of quality.

As defined by the AOC, the ewe’s milk used for Roquefort cheese must come from the Roquefort region, exclusively from the Lacaune breed.

Only Penicillium roqueforti can be used to develop the blue veining.


The whole process: cutting, packing and maturation of the cheese must take place exclusively in the commune of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon in cellars built in the Combalou mountains in the south of France.


Visit at www.visite-roquefort-societe.com/en



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